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TenCate Advanced Armour is now Integris Composites

TenCate Advanced Armour (USA), provider of protective armour to military and law enforcement has changed its name to Integris Composites. For decades the firm has been a trusted partner in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of survivability solutions for the most demanding defense contractors, including Boeing, Airbus, General Dynamics and BAE Systems as well as major police agencies. Specifically, the company provides body armor plates for military and law enforcement personnel, as well as ballistic and blast protection for land vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels and antiballistic composites that also serve as structural housings for sensitive technologies such as optronics.

“Our goal is to engineer and manufacture cutting-edge composites solutions, in high-performance applications or high-risk environments, that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, performance and value,” explained D. Andrew Bonham, president of Integris Composites, Inc., in an announcement. Integris is expanding its market into other sectors where lightweight, high-performance, innovative, fit-for-purpose composites solutions can be an advantage.

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