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New swift prepreg line offers reduced cycle time while maintaining embedded healing

CompPair has announced that it is expanding its product family, HealTechTM Standard, to include a new system. The new product, CS02, is a swift line reducing the cycle time to 50 minutes. The launch opens new market opportunities for sports, leisure, and industrial applications.

CompPair is a composites expert, providing the first healable and sustainable composites material, a ground-breaking innovation in the field of self-healing composites. According to the company, with CompPair’s material, their first product family being HealTechTM Standard, composite structures can heal damage on site in 1 minute and be better recycled.

CompPair is introducing CS02, the new swift prepreg line to offer reduced cycle time for a press process while maintaining embedded healing. This line offers an industry-leading fast initial cure cycle of 50 minutes at 170°C followed by post-cure cycles.

CS02 has been tailored to enable faster production manufacturing for the sports, leisure, and industrial sectors. It is targeted at press applications but can also be used out-of-autoclave (OOA) and in autoclave (a process database is available upon request).

The company has validated the healing, bending, and tensile properties of this composite system with its internal standards. It provides additional benefits to composite structures such as improved damping, low porosities, extended fatigue life, and impact resistance.

damage on site in 1 minute and be better recycled. CompPair provides manufacturers with cutting- edge materials compatible with standard production processes. HealTechTM’s value proposition is a 99% repair time reduction and significantly lower CO2 emissions. CompPair tackles composite limitations and leads a paradigm change for the industry.

HealTechTM Standard, CompPair’s first product family now includes two product lines. The first, CS01, is a standard prepreg line with increased toughness and embedded healing. The second line is a reduced cycle time prepreg bringing the same healing ability to composite structures.

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