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DuPont introduces ground-breaking next-generation aramid fiber

DuPont recently announced the introduction of Kevlar® EXO™ aramid fiber, the most significant aramid fiber innovation in over 50 years and an entirely new technology platform developed to serve endless applications where performance and protection is required in the midst of intense and demanding conditions. Life protection will be the first of many Kevlar® EXO™ use cases that will offer an unprecedented combination of lightness, flexibility and protection from an aramid fiber.

DuPont™ Kevlar® has long been the advanced material behind high-performing body armor that protects those who serve. Now, with body armor crafted using Kevlar® EXO™, military and law enforcement officers can experience previously unavailable levels of ballistic protection without compromising on mobility and comfort. With unmatched pliability, Kevlar® EXO™ contours to curves and body lines, providing a more body-inclusive solution while still offering maximum protection, reads the announcement.

“We’ve spent over a decade developing, refining and perfecting Kevlar® EXO™, and the result is an industry-altering platform that has catapulted our life protection capabilities to a whole new level,” said Steven LaGanke, global business leader, DuPont Life Protection. “Developed and tested by leading materials experts at DuPont, Kevlar® EXO™ offers never-before-seen ballistic and thermal performance while also providing a flexible and lightweight solution that empowers users to operate at peak performance. Whether for military members, law enforcement officers, private security or emergency responders, pound for pound, Kevlar® EXO™ users can better manage energy output even during the most demanding physical tasks.”

First-of-its-kind Kevlar® EXO™ aramid fiber is incomparably better and more durable than even the highest-performing soft body armor materials available. Kevlar® EXO™ offers the following benefits:

  • The highest ballistics performance among all aramid fibers without compromising on weight, enabling the best-in-class, lightest weight ballistics soft armor solutions available on the market today
  • Peak flexibility, offering increased comfort and mobility, contouring to curves and body lines with less restriction for maximum defense, when paired with exceptional carrier design
  • Inherently flame- and temperature-resistant; melt- and ignite-proof up to 500°C (932°F)
  • Delivers the same level of protection after five years as it provides on day one
  • Made in the USA at DuPont’s new manufacturing facility in Spruance, Virginia
  • Endlessly customizable wearability for use case and body type

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