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Diab group to adjust the PVC core material production capacity

Due to a market shift from PVC to PET core material in the wind industry Diab will close its PVC production in Longarone, Italy. A restructuring program is initiated that will be finalized during 2022. The closing will balance Diab’s European PVC core material capacity, to better meet current and future demand.

In 2018 Diab identified a shift from PVC and balsa core material to PET based core material in the wind industry and therefore started an investment program to expand its PET capacity globally. The shift of material has been progressing over the last years with an acceleration during the pandemic and PET is now the primary core foam material in the wind industry.

Diab is a leading PVC core material supplier but now has excess PVC capacity. To balance Diab’s capacity to current and future demand Diab will close its PVC production in Longarone. The closing of the Longarone PVC production is not expected to impact current customers.

The production site in Longarone will continue the PET production and develop it to meet customer’s needs and demands.

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