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The Bombay Textile Research Association offers composites testing services

The Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA), Mumbai, has informed that it has facilities for Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) and Thermo Mechanical Analysis (TMA) which can do various tests of composite materials. With this 2 equipment BTRA can perform various thermal analysis tests for various kinds of materials like composites, fibres, elastomers, plastics, resins etc. These materials are widely used for making composites products and the test facility can help in assessing the quality of the raw materials as well as finished composites products. This facility can be used for research and development purposes also.


1.) Determining Glass transition temperature of cured resin in composite

2.) Temperature ramp/sweep- Flexural / tensile modulus

3.) Frequency ramp/sweep- Flexural / tensile modulus

4.) Strain ramp/sweep- Flexural / tensile modulus

5.) Fatigue strength- beam

6.) Time-temperature superposition – WLF analysis for life time determination

7.) Creep and Creep TTS analysis of composite materials

Temperature range varies from -1500C to 5000C


1.) Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of composite material

2.) Determining glass transition temperature

3.) Thermal creep analysis

4.) Modulated thermo mechanical analysis- for hard cured resins like epoxy and polyester

5.) softening point determination

Temperature range varies from -1000C to 4000C

BTRA, a pioneer textile research institute over the 65+ years, was established in 1954 by Govt. of India along with the industry association to boost research, conducting testing, consultancy, and certification in the field of textile, polymers, fibres, and other materials. Currently it is partially funded by Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India and its labs are approved and recognized by the Ministry of Textiles. 

For more information contact Nishant Chandel (+919654472668) and Snehal (+91 9137117061).

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