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Velozzi redefines driving with the world’s first spider silk hypercar

Velozzi (USA), a trailblazing force in the automotive industry announced the Velozzi Hypercar, a groundbreaking marvel poised to reshape the future of driving. This extraordinary vehicle represents the fusion of world-class drivetrain engineering and cutting-edge material science by harnessing the unparalleled strength and weight savings of spider silk and carbon fiber. The Velozzi Hypercar will proudly stand as the world’s first automobile to seamlessly incorporate the extraordinary qualities of spider silk with carbon fiber. Spider silk, renowned as the strongest natural material on Earth, will be integrated into the car’s body and monocoque chassis. 

Velozzi has entered into a collaborative agreement with Spidey Tek to build the world’s first car made with spider silk. The father of spider silk, Dr. Randy Lewis, PhD, Spidey Tek’s Chief Scientific Officer, elaborates, “Spider silk’s combination of strength and elasticity means that it can be used in a variety of ways, and the ability to vary both of these properties makes it an ideal next-generation material.” Spider silk is a material that surpasses the mechanical properties of steel, carbon fiber, titanium, Kevlar, and aluminum, offering incredible strength and unprecedented lightness. The incorporation of spider silk in automobile and aircraft construction will herald a new era of transportation offering superior performance, unprecedented fuel efficiency, and unrivaled safety. 

Roberto Velozzi, adds, “Spider silk has high strength, elasticity, and toughness which is unmatched by most industrial fibers. Gram for gram, certain spider silk fibers can be stronger than titanium and more elastic than rubber, absorbing considerable amounts of energy before failure. This exceptionally lightweight biomaterial is an ideal replacement for, or a reinforcement to carbon fiber composites. Carbon fiber composites maintain their inherent strength and stiffness when blended with spider silk yet gain improved fracture toughness. Harnessing this synergy between the high-performance nature of carbon fiber and spider silk will produce an enhanced composite for the next generation of high performance, efficient, resilient vehicles.”