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Tecniplas (Brazil) combines FRP with Environmental, social and governance 

Environmental, social and governance 
The company manufactures gas scrubbers made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, equipment that helps reduce impacts on the environment from industrial operations

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) movement has had a positive impact on several businesses, one of which is the production of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) equipment. For Tecniplas (Brazil), a manufacturer of FRP tanks and equipment, the demand for gas scrubbers has risen by more than 150% in the last two years, according to Luiz Gustavo Rossi, commercial director. He states, “Companies seek to minimize the environmental impacts of their operations and increase the reuse of inputs adopted in different industrial processes. Several projects are also related to the use of purified gas to generate clean energy. In all these scenarios, the best alternative, the most durable and with the lowest carbon footprint, is the one based on the use of GRP gas scrubbers.”
Gas scrubbers are complex and, as a rule, large equipment. They require more comprehensive action from their manufacturers’ engineering sectors. “This is where we differentiate ourselves, as we have engineers and technicians with many decades of experience in the area.” Tecniplas gas scrubbers are designed to meet a wide range of industrial needs. They can be manufactured entirely in GRP or duolaminate, a combination of GRP and thermoplastic. The choice depends on the specific concentrations of chemical elements in the gas to be purified or the fluid that will wash the gas, ensuring that each scrubber is tailored to the unique requirements of the client.
PRFV gas scrubbers are present in chemical industries, fertilizer factories, and landfills. They have also frequently appeared in alcohol and sugar plants that reuse biogas. “The durability of GRP is superior to that of metal alloys. Therefore, in a chemically complex environment such as that of power plants, washers of this type guarantee a superior cost-benefit ratio,” the director of Tecniplas adds.