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Recycled grade thermoplastic polymer resin for pellet-fed, large scale 3D printing

Airtech Advanced Materials Group announced the launch of Dahltram® T-100GF resin, its first recycled grade thermoplastic polymer resin for pellet-fed, large scale 3D printing. Engineered with precision, this innovative material is purpose-built to tackle the distinctive challenges of large-scale 3D printing while actively contributing to sustainability initiatives in the industry.

Dahltram® T-100GF combines the power of recycled grade co-polyester resin with the strength of fiberglass reinforcement, resulting in a sustainable material that excels across diverse applications, including rapid prototyping, low-temperature moulding, trimming tools, architectural structures, casting patterns, and more.

Key Benefits of Dahltram® T-100GF Resin

Sustainability: Dahltram® T-100GF is crafted from recycled grade co-polyester resin, underscoring Airtech’s steadfast commitment to resource conservation and the advancement of sustainable manufacturing practices within the composites industry.

Strength and Durability: The inclusion of fiberglass reinforcement enhances the material’s strength, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability across a wide spectrum of applications.

Versatility: This innovative resin is highly versatile, catering to a range of applications, from rapid prototyping to architectural structures, offering an adaptable solution for manufacturers across various industries.

Cost-Effectiveness: Dahltram® T-100GF provides an economically attractive alternative to traditional materials, all while delivering top-notch performance. This makes it a compelling choice for businesses aiming to streamline their production processes without compromising quality.