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Rattan India Enterprises Ltd. launches a compact delivery drone L07 for eCommerce

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Rattan India Enterprises Ltd. (REL), India, a Fortune-500 India company is leading its way with cutting-edge technologies in the segments of electric motorcycles, drone solutions, e-commerce, fintech and fashion brands, announced the launch of a new compact delivery drone, L07 for eCommerce and healthcare industries, through its company TAS (Throttle Aerospace Systems).

As per the market estimates, Indian eCommerce industry is likely to move from $75 Bn to $276 Bn by 2030 at a CAGR of 24% YoY. There is a need for speed and every company wants to deliver products to their customers at a quick pace. Also, there are emergencies where everything becomes time sensitive. These trends are acting as the tailwinds for the cargo delivery market across First-mile, Mid-mile and last-mile delivery.

L07 is designed, development & manufactured in India, targeting specifically for use cases where the payloads are small. L07 is a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) with a carrying capacity of up to 7 kgs, which can be deployed by a single person in less than 5 minutes, can operate at an mean sea level of up to 2000 meters above mean sea level, comes with high wind tolerance of 43 kms/hr (12 meters / sec) and an endurance of up to 30 minutes. L07 comes with many fail-safe features, supported by AI-features and is IP52 resistant.