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PRF Composite Materials introduces primer and adhesive film products

PRF Composite Materials (UK) announced that after an exciting 2 years of launching class-leading prepreg products into the marketplace, the PRF team is introducing a new suite of primer and adhesive films in 2024, starting with new RFA570 eXpress cure adhesive film and RF Primer.

RFA570 is unique product which has been principally designed for use with RP570 and RP570 FR eXpress cure epoxy prepregs, as an adhesive for core bonding applications. The distinctive characteristics of this product enable it to be cured in a press in 4 minutes at 140°C, thereby speeding up the processing of honeycomb sandwich panels – with either nomex or aluminium honeycombs. The product will also cure in autoclave, with a typical curing cycle of 4 minutes once the tool temperature has stabilised at 140°C. It is fully compatible with our full range of epoxy prepreg systems.

Formulated as an epoxy-based composite primer/surfacing film, the new RF Primer film is fully compatible with our epoxy prepreg systems and provides a sacrificial surface that enables the constructor to eliminate paint priming. The film is laid as a first layer and then backed up with a prepreg laminate. It will fully co-cure with our epoxy prepreg formulations and will reduce the time required for surface preparation, thereby reducing cost-per-part.