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Polyamide-based carbon composites material for 3D printing

CRP Technology (Italy), recently introduced Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) material – Windform SL , a polyamide-based composites reinforced with carbon fibers. CRP Technology announced that it opens a new chapter in the industrial 3D printing service sector with the launch of Windform SL, an innovative SLS material. Representing the twelfth material in the prestigious Windform TOP-LINE range for Selective Laser Sintering, Windform SL marks a significant step forward in the Additive Manufacturing landscape.

Windform SL is an advanced polyamide-based composites, black in color, reinforced with Carbon fibers. The “SL” designation denotes its “Super Light” nature, with a density of 0.87 g/cc. This feature, combined with Carbon fiber reinforcement, gives Windform SL a premium uniqueness, ensuring both lightweight and rigidity.

Windform SL hits the market a few months after the launch of the eleventh industrial 3D printing material by CRP Technology, the second rubber-like in the TOP-LINE family, demonstrating the company’s ongoing pursuit of advanced solutions in the 3D printing industry.

CEO and Technical Director of CRP Technology, Franco Cevolini, states: “Our dedication to innovation is unwavering. As a historic and pioneering company, we persist in creating cutting-edge materials for professional 3D printing. Windform SL represents the latest evidence of this commitment, marking a significant progress in our growth journey that reaffirms our leadership in the industry.

As a leading 3D printing service provider, I am confident that this material will swiftly become the winning choice for many UAV and automotive customers relying on our 3D printing department for the of their advanced parts.”

Windform SL is distinguished for its suitability in producing functional prototypes and finished components in the UAV/UAS sector. Additionally, it proves valuable for applications in advanced industries that require a perfect balance of lightweight, rigidity, and thermal resistance.

With this new material, CRP Technology strengthens its commitment to providing advanced and cutting-edge solutions for professional 3D printing, states the announcement.