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Paramount and AAL Group successfully complete first testing phase of composites blades for helicopters

Paramount (UAE), the global aerospace and technology company, and its strategic partner AAL Group Ltd (UAE), aircraft maintenance company have successfully completed the initial testing stage of their innovative composites helicopter blades for Mi-type helicopters. The blades were on public display during the Dubai Airshow. AAL’s team, in strategic partnership with Paramount, will continue the testing process to achieve full qualification.

Paramount announced that this significant achievement represents a pivotal step towards the planned commencement of composites blade production at AAL’s MRO facilities in Sharjah, UAE.

The composites blades, with technical characteristics surpassing those of legacy metal blades, offer new benefits for operators. Notably, they allow for the replacement of individual damaged blades, rather than the entire set, ensuring cost-efficiency and minimal downtime. In case of any damage, a damaged blade or set can be swiftly repaired on-site, ensuring a shorter turnaround time.

Building upon the strategic partnership first announced on 21st February 2023, Paramount and AAL Group continue to collaborate closely to enhance the capabilities of Mi-type helicopters across Africa and beyond. The partnership leverages Paramount’s extensive experience in composites blade design and development, resulting in rotor blades that offer extended operational life and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional metal blades.

“The integration of our advanced composites blades on AAL’s Mi helicopter is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to providing innovative solutions in the aerospace industry,” said Steve Griessel, Paramount Global CEO. “These blades represent a significant leap forward in terms of performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, and we are excited to showcase them at the Dubai Airshow.”

AAL Group Ltd., with over two decades of experience servicing Mi-type helicopters, brings invaluable expertise and insight to the partnership.

The Dubai Airshow provides a global stage for Paramount and AAL Group to demonstrate the capabilities of their Mi-type helicopter solutions to an international audience. The event also serves as a platform to further discuss the future of aerospace innovation and the role of strategic partnerships in driving progress.

Paramount’s composites main rotor blade development started in 2006 in response to a customer requirement. The composites blades are designed to match the functional and performance capabilities of metal blades, therefore allowing for replacement of the metal blade as a set without modification to the aircraft platform.

These composites blades offer an operational life of up to 20,000 hours, with infinite shelf life, and in event of damage, can be replaced individually and not as a set, leading to substantial cost savings over time.  

Amidst current supply and delivery challenges of main rotor blades, the production of composites blades provides a reliable source for ongoing operations, ensuring security and defence support.