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Mitsubishi Chemical Group Develops BiOpreg #400 Series Carbon Fiber Prepreg Using Plant-Derived Resin

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) hereby announces that it has developed a carbon fiber prepreg material using plant-derived resin. We are expanding our BiOpreg portfolio and are adding the BiOpreg #400 series which contains glass fiber prepreg as well as carbon fiber prepreg. The MCG group will now start sample work for the products.

Carbon fiber prepreg is a sheet form of a carbon fiber intermediate material impregnated with resin. The prepreg has been mainly used for sports and mobility applications due to its characteristics, which include rapid curability, heat resistance and high toughness. The BiOpreg #400 Series boasts up to about 25% of biomass content※. This has been achieved by replacing the epoxy resin for impregnation with a plant-based resin using MCG Group’s proprietary material design technology. The newly developed prepreg has the same performance as conventional prepreg, and can be handled and molded in the same way. The MCG Group aims to expand the use of the product to mobility applications, such as interior and exterior materials for automobiles, and industrial applications, starting with sports and leisure applications. The MCG Group will also meet diverse needs by adding glass fiber prepreg to the lineup.

In the mobility field, there is a need to reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle due to environmental regulations and other factors. The BiOpreg #400 Series helps to reduce the weight of the car and therefore contributes to less consumption of resources and GHG emissions during its life time.

As a specialty materials group dedicated to offering innovative solutions, the MCG Group will continue to pursue further technical development of this new material to provide high value-added products and drive the realization of a sustainable society.