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JEC Composites Innovation Awards 2024

Annually, the JEC Composites Innovation Awards recognize successful initiatives and collaborative efforts within the composites industry. Over the past 26 years, the program has engaged over 2,000 companies globally, honouring 225 companies and 573 partners for their outstanding achievements in composites innovation and effective partnerships. Criteria for the awards include partner involvement in the value chain, project complexity, and commercial potential.

The competition is open to any company, university or R&D Centre with a compelling collaborative innovation or concept to showcase. The success of participants is closely tied to partnerships and collective intelligence. Beyond being a ceremony, these awards serve as a platform to spotlight potentially undisclosed projects, offering inspiration and motivation to an expert audience eager to explore new frontiers.

After pre-selection of the 33 finalists, one winner has been named in each of the 11 categories by an international jury representing the entire composites value chain. The awards ceremony took place in Paris on February 8th, 2024. The winners are listed below:

Category: Aerospace, Parts-CFRP lattice satellite central tube, Company: ATG Europe (Netherlands)

Category: Aerospace, Process- EmpowerAX – Additive functionalisation, Company: German Aerospace Center (Germany)

Category: Automotive & Road Transportation ,Parts- Monolithic CFRP-aluminum monocoque: A novel approach for carbon neutrality, Company: Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)

Category: Automotive & Road Transportation – Process, Reactive PA6 pultrusion: Boost for TP composites, Company: Röchling Automotive SE (Germany)

Category: Building & Civil Engineering- RENCO MCFR (Mineral Composite Fibre Reinforced), Company: RENCO USA (USA)

Category: Circularity & Recycling- emphasizing to enhance material property by sizing, Company: B&M Longworth (Edgworth) Ltd (UK)

Category: Digital, AI & Data- Wind turbine blade executable digital twin, Company: ReliaBlade (Denmark)

Category: Equipment, Machinery & Heavy Industries, Maximum mass reduction of cutting tools, Company: Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (Germany)

Category: Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding- OceanWings®, Company: AYRO (France)

Category: Renewable Energies- Blade circularity solution, Company: Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark)

Category: Sports-Leisure & Recreation, Green snowboard with A.L.D.-tech.®, Company: silbaerg GmbH