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IMT Nord Europe receives grant to complete the ECOHYDRO project

Image Credits: Gdipasquale1/Wikimedia Commons. CC ASA 4.0.

IMT Nord Europe announced that it has received a €10 million grant from the European Commission to implement the Economic Manufacturing Process of Recyclable Composite Materials for Durable Hydrogen Storage (ECOHYDRO) project.

Funded as part of the HORIZON EUROPE funding program for research and innovation for a four-year period, this international project aims to develop a new recyclable thermoplastic resin with specific functionalities (self-repairability, fire resistance), a new, more cost-effective filament winding process to manufacture hydrogen tanks, digital models to predict the residual life of tanks using Structural Health Monitoring technology via built-in sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms and new composite recycling technology to recover carbon fibers from tanks at the end-of-life and reuse them to manufacture new parts.

This project will be conducted in collaboration with 14 academic and industrial partners from seven countries:

Belgium (Basaltex NV, Chemical & Intermodal Logistics, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Promat Research and Technology Centre)

France (Airbus, Centre Technologique Nouvelle-Aquitaine Composites & Materiaux Avances, Mahytec Sarl, Arkema)

Italy (D.P. Materials Design and Processing Srl)

Luxembourg (Haesaerts, Luxembourg Institute of Science And Technology)

Poland (Politechnika Wroclawska)

United Kingdom (Electra Commercial Vehicles Limited)

Turkey (Fev Tr Automotive and Energy Research And Engineering Ltd, Temsa Skoda Sabanci Ulasim Araclarianonim Sirketti)