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Hyundai and Toray team up to shape new era of mobility through material innovation

Hyundai Motor Group has signed an agreement for strategic cooperation with Toray Industries, Inc., a pioneer in carbon fiber and composite material technology, to advance material innovation for a new era of mobility. Toray Industries specializes in fibers and textiles, performance chemicals, carbon fiber composite materials, environmental engineering and life science. Toray Industries is renowned for being the global leader in carbon fiber, a material widely adopted in advanced industries such as automotive and aviation due to its light weight, high strength, and heat resistance properties. “Toray Industries has developed innovative technology and materials focusing on electrification and sustainability to address the needs of customers in the constantly evolving automotive industry,” said President Ohya. “We are happy to partner with Hyundai Motor Group to continue this innovation.” “Hyundai Motor Group aims to leverage this strategic partnership to strengthen its position as a global leader in mobility solutions,” said President Chang Song. “By combining our automotive expertise with Toray Group’s material technology prowess, we aim to become the first mover and gain a competitive edge in the global market.”