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Garuda Aerospace, the drone company partners with manufacturers in US, Canada, Israel, and Europe

Garuda Aerospace, a commercial and defense UAV firm based in Chennai, India, recently announced new partnerships with Titan Innovations, Easy Aerial, Azur Drones, Aero Sentinel, and Securiton for nationwide distribution of their units across security, infrastructure, and defense applications. After they announced aggressive expansion efforts in June, this major increase in Indian distribution for these international companies comes in the wake of India’s recent decision to ban DJI drones amidst rising tensions between the Indian and Chinese governments.

“We’re delighted to have signed these key partnerships, helping facilitate the growth of India’s drone market and ensuring the continued development of this hugely disruptive industry,” said Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder & CEO of Garuda Aerospace. “The fact that our partners span the US, Canada, Israel and Europe reflects the expertise and vision of our team as well as the use-cases for our drones – from monitoring the condition of state infrastructure, ensuring roads and bridges are constructed according to plan and crop spraying, to emergency response and deployment of anti-drone cyber security solutions, we are excited about the potential these partnerships hold.”

“After a rigorous selection process, we decided to partner with Garuda based on the strength of its network in the security sector as well as its expertise in national distribution of drone technology across India,” said Yahav Regev, CEO of Titan Innovations. “Poised to supersede the US economy by 2075, we are invested in building long term relationships with Indian partners.”

Garuda Aerospace is a provider of drone solutions operating as a “Drone-as-a-service”: an innovative approach to fulfilling the increasing UAV needs of India, both with their own custom-designed units and through partnerships with international firms seeking a foothold in the fast-developing Indian drone market. As the Indian drone market reels from the loss of its biggest player, new companies will have to step up, and Garuda and its partners certainly seek to fill the DJI-shaped void.