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Customizable composites ballistic shields and vests

Integris Composites (France), formerly TenCate Advanced Armour, a leader in armour protection for the military and law-enforcement units, announced launch of its new “make your own shield” concept and soft body armour vests.

Make Your Own Shield Concept

The new shield line is designed to respond to law enforcement and military organizations, which frequently want designs tailored to their procedures. According to Integris, in the past, small-quantity, custom shield orders had to contend with the entire industry’s inherent need to tailor-make moulds for every version—cost prohibitive for small orders

The addition of new equipment enables Integris to make shields that are specific to a customer’s needs for shape, size and weight, but with a significantly shorter lead time and at a price like that of larger series. The new manufacturing capability reduces the nonrecurring costs (NRC) of moulds. This makes one, two or a few handheld portable shields completely feasible.

Custom products are especially appealing to law enforcement and military since many units require specifications in size, weight, and shape to allow active members to perform their duties with a focus on safety and durability. The customers need not to buy a million euros worth of product to get exactly what they want. They do not have to buy thousands of units to get exactly what they want. They can get exactly what they want when ordering a few units.

Testing New Rapid Don/Doff Vests

Integris explains that, throughout the show, it invites active members of law enforcement and the military to try on Rapid Don/Doff armour vests, which are making their public debut. These vests use a magnetic buckle system. They can take it off, put it on in two seconds without losing their settings. This enhances safety, comfort and predictability.

Integris is an engineering company and the manufacturer of composites armour for land vehicles, aircraft, naval craft, protection housing for optronics and other sensitive technology, and personal protection gear. The company’s scope includes the design, development, production, sales, and services of composites armour solutions. Integris’ product portfolio consists of panels or ready-to-install kits made from high-strength materials like HDPE, aramids, and ceramics.