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CompPair and SHD forms partnership to advance sustainable composites solutions

CompPair, a Swiss company specialising in repairable composite solutions with its HealTech™ product lines, and SHD, a growing force in the global composites industry, have formalised a strengthened partnership. This collaboration encompasses several key areas, including toll impregnation services, joint product development, and commercial endeavours.

The agreement signifies a shared commitment to advancing more sustainable, lightweight solutions. CompPair’s HealTech™ technology brings the potential of repairability to composite applications, extending their lifespan and reducing waste. This aligns perfectly with SHD’s focus on sustainability through innovative material alternatives and a proactive approach to minimising the environmental impact of advanced composite solutions.

Building upon a successful four-year collaboration that began with lab-scale trials and optimisation of impregnation techniques, the partnership has now laid the foundations for industrial scale production. SHD’s manufacturing capabilities and responsiveness to customer needs further enhance the collaboration, enabling both companies to adapt swiftly to market demands.

Extending beyond a core impregnation services agreement, the two companies will also collaborate on a limited number of innovative development projects within key market sectors. Apart from these strategic collaborations, CompPair will handle all direct inquiries for HealTech™ prepreg product purchases, solution applications and impact assessments.

This strategic alliance leverages the combined expertise and resources of both companies to drive innovation and explore new avenues for growth. Together, CompPair and SHD are committed to delivering impactful, sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers and contribute to a more responsible future for the composites industry.