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Arkema and Sireg Geotech develop bendable composites rebar

Arkema (France) and Sireg Geotech (Italy) announced that they have developed the world’s first bendable composites rebar, thus providing an innovative alternative to traditional steel reinforcement. Based on Arkema’s Elium® resin, Sireg’s Glasspree® TP bars represent a breakthrough for the construction sector.

Sireg’s fiberglass bars using the Elium® thermoplastic resin have double the tensile strength of steel. They stand out by their remarkable light weight (75% lighter than steel), their corrosion-proof property, their chemical resistance, and their dimensional stability in the event of extreme thermal changes, while also being fully recyclable. They contribute to the energy efficiency of structures, and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of maintenance activities.

The Elium® thermoplastic resin ensures a major gain in productivity as well as greater flexibility for the supply of composite reinforcement, thus improving the overall profitability of construction projects. The range of applications of Sireg’s Glasspree® TP bars is huge: construction, maintenance, repair of buildings, bridges, tunnels, as well as marine and coastal structures, which demonstrates their adaptability.

“Glasspree® TP bars were developed through cooperation between Sireg and Arkema. They represent an innovation in the reinforcement of concrete structures as well as a new benchmark in terms of safety, reliability, and sustainability” says Sonja Blanc, CEO Sireg.

For bridges these materials ensure an estimated service life of twice that of steel (i.e. 100 years), lighter weight, and superior corrosion resistance in a saline environment, lower lifecycle costs, and a lower impact on the environment.