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AOC announces price increase for EMEA and India

AOC, the leading resins supplier recently announced a price increase for all shipments on or after March 15th, 2024, or as soon as contracts allow, for its entire product portfolio sold in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and India. The increase will be €150 per ton for Unsaturated Polyester-based formulations, and €200 per ton for Vinyl Ester-based formulations. This action is necessary due to significant volatility in the raw material market and is in addition to the price increase announced on February 7th earlier this year, states the announcement. The rapid escalation of raw material costs continues to adversely impact AOC’s cost of production. AOC’s global purchasing resources continue to work diligently with their network of supplier partners to manage costs, maintain supply, and meet customer needs. “AOC is working hard to minimize the impact of the raw material cost increase, but presently we have no other choice but to raise the prices of our formulations”, explains Fons Harbers, Vice President Marketing & Sales EMEA of AOC.