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Airtech and Caracol partnership to promote Resins and AM technology

Airtech Advanced Materials Group (US) announced its strategic partnership with Caracol, marking a significant milestone in advancing additive manufacturing capabilities for large-scale industrial applications. Caracol, established in 2017 with a mission to redefine the boundaries of additive manufacturing, has engineered the HERON AM platform. This modular, polymer, and composite pellet extrusion robotic 3D printer is meticulously designed for large-scale industrial applications. Caracol’s integration of hardware, software, and automation delivers a turnkey solution that optimizes flexibility, process control, and performance. Airtech has qualified its Dahltram® Resins for integration with Caracol’s HERON AM Large-Format Additive Manufacturing platforms globally. This accomplishment will support Caracol in its efforts to offer Airtech’s Dahltram® resins to their customers globally.

Dahltram® resins, renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability, have undergone extensive testing and validation for compatibility with HERON AMTM platforms. Airtech’s Dahltram® resin range is uniquely suitable for multiple print platforms and offers unparalleled production flexibility with end-use material approvals. Rigorous thermal cycle testing, pressure leak testing, laser surface scanning and contact material testing have generated data that supports more than 500 autoclave cycles without degrading the Dahltram® tooling resins.

The launch of Dahltram® T-100GF marked Airtech’s entry into recycled-grade thermoplastic polymer resins for pellet-fed, large-scale 3D printing. These innovative resins are leading the way in recycled materials and have made a significant impact, particularly in sustainability initiatives. Notably, Dahltram® I-350CF played a pivotal role in the EmpowerAX project, recognized as the winner of the 2024 JEC Innovation Award for Aerospace Processes. By qualifying Dahltram® Resins for integration with Caracol’s HERON AM Large-Format Additive Manufacturing platforms, both companies are empowering manufacturers to achieve their production goals efficiently and sustainably.