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AI-based autoclave scheduling optimization solution

Contributing to Industry Ramp-Up and Sustainability Efforts 

Plataine’s Autoclave Scheduler Increases Autoclave Throughput, Saves Operational Costs and Energy, Contributing to Sustainable Composite Manufacturing

Plataine, (US) a leading innovator of AI-based manufacturing optimization solutions, introduces its Autoclave Scheduler Solution, part of Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) solution suite. Operating autoclaves is associated with significant expenses, a high carbon footprint, and often creating a bottleneck in production processes. The complexity of handling multiple recipes, part & machine profiles, and designated tools has historically led to inefficient utilization, with autoclaves running well below capacity.

Increased pressures to increase production rates, coupled with sustainability requirements, require rapid technological evolution. Plataine has taken a significant leap forward with the Autoclave Scheduler, an AI-Based, cutting-edge scheduling solution tailor-made for composite manufacturers, to address these challenges. This innovation is designed to streamline operations, reduce operational costs, and significantly increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – all while boosting factory efficiency and contributing to sustainability efforts.

Plataine’s AI-driven Autoclave Scheduler optimizes autoclave operations, considering real-time production factors, such as autoclave volume and capacity, part recipes, vacuum-port & daisy-chaining restrictions and considerations, digital management of physical assets (Tokenization), tool variations, human capacity, shifts and availability, and the overall production situation up- and down-stream from the autoclaves to automatically generate optimized and practical plans. The plans adhere to all restrictions, requirements, capacities, and availabilities of relevant resources and demand sets. They follow business rules, machine profiles and material recipes and priorities, ensuring due dates are met while optimizing each autoclave run to its fullest potential.

Manufacturers can now maximize production throughput, resource utilization and efficiency, and reduce autoclave operation costs. In addition, this solution is imperative for achieving sustainability standards by reducing energy costs, helping our customers to be at the forefront of innovative technology adoption, and achieving both production and sustainability KPIs.

Amir Ben-Assa, VP Marketing & Product Strategy at Plataine said: “We are excited to introduce Plataine’s Autoclave Scheduling Optimization Solution to the market. Our commitment to sustainability is a core component of our mission, and this product is a testament to that. This solution not only meets the growing demand and minimizes production bottlenecks but also significantly improves overall efficiency. We believe that the Autoclave Scheduler is imperative for eco-efficient production in the composite manufacturing industry.”