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24 May 2019
Kordsaexhibited its innovative technologies for aerospace industry at SAMPE 2019

Kordsa, the global player in tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies markets, participated in SAMPE2019, the leading exhibition featuring the latest technologies and research advancements concerning the advanced materials and processes, held in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 21-22, 2019. Fabric Development Inc. and Textile Products Inc. represented Kordsa at the exhibition andshared Kordsa’s solutions for the aerospace industry.

Kordsa participated in the SAMPEat its 75th anniversary. SAMPE 2019, where the advanced materials community meets the industry’s most influential decision makers, hosted more than 3000 advanced materials and process engineering leaders, innovators and partners.  Kordsa’s US-based companies Fabric Development Inc. and Textile Products Inc. showcased their innovative fabrics for the aerospace industry in the US market, reinforcing its commitment and determination in the commercial aviation industry.

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