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08 February 2019
International Conference and Exhibition on Bamboo Composites

Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute (IPIRTI), an autonomous body of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, government of India, is organising a four-day conference cum exhibition on ‘Bamboo Composites’ from February 9.

Bamboo, a perennial grass, exemplified by 1250 known species abundantly grows in most of the tropical and subtropical zone is emerging as an important plant material alternative to wood. Bamboo is a kind of fast- growing and renewable resource, which is cheap and widely available.  Currently, many kinds of bamboo composite are produced and traded in the world. However, there are several differences between bamboo and wood for physical and mechanical properties. Panel composites made from bamboo have great potential due to their better strength, dimensional stability and other characteristics compared to panels made from several fast growing plantation timbers.

The R&D efforts undertaken by IPIRTI have led to the development of various bamboo mat based products, bamboo strip based products and also components for housing system including the housing technology that would be ideal for earth quake prone areas, school buildings, resorts etc.

Developments on innovative bamboo technologies have led to the implementation of the bamboo mat and  strip based composites in various end use application as an alternative to wood. The housing technology made using bamboo are well suited in earthquake regions. Challenged with the rural poverty and depleting forest resources in the country adoption of  bamboo as  alternative for traditional material, offers a sustainable option with tremendous potential.

The institute is organising a two-day Conference on “Bamboo Composites” at IPIRTI Conference Hall, Bangalore, India. on 11 & 12th February 2019.  Bangalore being capital of Karnataka has enjoyable weather in the month of February and ideal time to visit the place.

It will be one of the flagship events of the IPIRTI and is expected to bring together the finest experts of the world together to chalk out the strategies for the sustainable growth of the Bamboo industry and disseminate the information on the latest advances & future opportunities for the development of Bamboo in the country.  


Establish a Network within the India and to allow better coordination and cooperation, at the national, regional and international level. To promote the development and implementation of Bamboo composites

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