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06 February 2019
Dilutec registers high in sales of gelcoat and thinner in 2018

High demand of the marine market for much of the year and warming of the economy in the last quarter. These are the reasons why sales of Dilutec, one of the Brazilian's leading gelcoat and thinner manufacturers, grew by 16% in 2018.

“Last year we consolidated the customer base that has been worked since 2014. It was also a period in which practically all the segments we serve presented satisfactory performance, especially the good phase of the shipyards and the rebirth of the automotive sector,” analyzes Marcos Pannellini, commercial manager of Dilutec.

From the manufacture of the mold of a boat to the small repairs of the hulls and decks, the company has products for all stages of the work. In general terms, they are gelcoats that present higher rates of chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as higher gloss and coating power combined with low styrene emission.

In 2019, Pannellini believes that Dilutec should at least repeat last year's performance. “We depend heavily on the growth of the economy and the increase in production capacity of our customers. In parallel, we are working to develop products and obtain certifications that enable us to provide to more companies in the wind energy and infrastructure sectors.”

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