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05 February 2019
Organoclick Launches the Biocomposite Organocomp® Wheat

In 2017, OrganoClick launched its biocomposite OrganoComp® used for burial coffins. OrganoComp® is made of wood fibers from Swedish pine combined with OrganoClicks biobased binder OC-BioBinder™ which is based on biopolymers from side streams from the food and pulp industry such as peels from oranges, shells from shrimps and wood derived carbohydrates. OrganoClick now launches OrganoComp® Wheat, a further developed biocomposite, in which part of the wood fiber has been replaced with wheat bran. The biocomposite is moulded into 3D-shaped products using OrganoClicks patented production technology for fiber moulding.

OrganoComp® Wheat is a 100 % biobased and biodegradable biocomposite which can be used to replace  fossile plastics in a umber of applications. The wheat bran is the hard outer layer of cereal grains and contains polysaccharides which improves the mechanical properties and give the material a beautiful natural color. The material has both excellent water repellant properties and a high strength and stiffness. Posiible applications include interior design products, furniture and burial coffins where a natural color is desired.

The first customer is a supplier of interior design products for public environments. We have together with the customer developed a number of products during two years based on OrganoComp® Wheat. The the first commercial delivery has been made this week. OrganoComp® Wheat will be shown for the first time in public at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in Stockholm February 5-9 in a material exhibition organised by the Swedish Material library

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