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11 September 2018
Redelease launches resin for the manufacture of river table

Brazilian traditional distributor of specialty chemicals, Redelease has just launched a formulation of a low viscosity epoxy resin indicated for the manufacture of furniture. Named Epóxi 2004, the product is ideal for the manufacturing of table tops made with wooden trunks, whose veins, after filled by the pigmented resin, are similar to rivers, in other words, the so-called river table.
“Epoxi 2004 resin combines high sealing rate of the wood with optimum color retention, which makes it the best choice for the production of river table”, explained Rafael Iacovella, commercial manager of Redelease e-commerce department.
With a high degree of transparency, good fluidity and minimum contraction after polymerization – Redelease also provides the hardeners –, Epóxi 2004 stands out due to its resistance to UV rays and humidity. “These characteristics greatly extend the longevity of the furniture manufactured with the product.”
In addition to the river tables, Epóxi 2004 resin can be used in liquid porcelain, crafts and modeling, as well as encapsulation of electronics and coatings.

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