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10 November 2017
The Nano Summit in Luxembourg to debate nanotubes-enhanced next-generation materials

Taking place in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on 15–16 November, the Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit 2017 will focus on nanoaugmented materials and their exceptional properties. These properties permit the creation of stronger, lighter and high-performance next-generation products.

Approximately 400 pioneers—including senior management officials from technology companies, representatives of research institutes, experts and journalists from all over the world—will meet for the third annual summit to move towards revolutionising the energy, transport and aerospace and other industries by creating materials enhanced with a universal additive: single wall carbon nanotubes.  In contrast to others much hyped nanoadditives, single wall carbon nanotubes are already being produced on an industrial scale and at an economically feasible price, which has contributed to their growing number of applications in a wide range of industries. 


Next week in Luxembourg, decision-makers from leading chemical and manufacturing giants—such as Total, LANXESS, Airbus, Swatch Group, Toyota, Goodyear, Kusumoto Chemicals, HongkongHaiyi Enterprise Development and Mahindra CIE Automotive—will share their vision on the potential uses and challenges of single wall carbon nanotubes in composites, elastomers, coatings, batteries and other products.

DimitriRousseaux, Compounds and Composites R&D Manager of Total, commented, ‘Industrial applications of carbon nanotubes compounds based on commodity polymers are now reality! Carbon nanotubes compounds can be used safely and are now fully accepted on the market’.

Romesh Kaul, Chief Executive Officer of Mahindra CIE Automotive, said, ‘We are applying single wall carbon nanotubes in the electrical insulation segment. At the Summit, I will share Mahindra CIE’s overview of the prospects of nanotubes in automotive, electrical and other emerging segments, in view of the growth opportunities envisaged on account of mass transportation, light weighting and unconventional sources of energy’.

In addition to these presentations, the event will showcase nanotubes-enhanced products from around the world, which have already been successfully launched on the market. One of the first products in the field of transportation to benefit from the application of nanoaugmented materials was Ujet—a new generation of electric scooter. Its ultralight weight, combined with its outstanding battery performance, makes it one of the most effective modes of transport on the market. Energy-efficient products, such as these, are leading the way to a low-carbon future. HuguesDespres, Chief Executive Officer of Ujet International and Vice President of Ujet Group, commented, ‘Ujet offers a new electric mobility experience, leveraging nanoaugmented materials, clean technology and connectivity to reach the next level of performances necessary to tackle societal and environmental challenges’.

Luxembourg is one of the leading countries in the European Union in terms of encouraging eco-friendly technological innovation. Thus, it is an appropriate choice as the venue for the third Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit.

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