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12 October 2017
Survey of the Brazilian Composites Top of Mind begins

The survey that will nominate the winners of 2017 Brazilian Composites Industry’s Top of Mind has already begun. Conducted by Destaque Business Research, the research is sent by email and includes more than 10,000 email addresses provided by the Latin-American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), organizer of the Top of Mind. 

The main novelty of this year’s edition is the inclusion of the category “Polyurethane”, said Erika Bernardino, manager of ALMACO. “In Brazil, polyurethane resin has been increasingly used in combination with mechanical reinforcements, such as fiberglass, which qualifies it as a type of composite.”

Main award of the Brazilian composites industry, 2017 Top of Mind will feature 26 categories, divided into raw materials, processes and equipment. The winners will only be announced at the awards ceremony to be held on December 7, at the Technological Research Institute (IPT), in São Paulo. 

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