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21 September 2017
India Manufacturing Week 2018- exhibition and conference

Sukjinder Singh, CEO ,Infinity Expo.

From 22-24 February, 2018 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

Manufacturing in India is at the tipping point of unprecedented growth supported by strategic initiatives like Make in India, Digital India and the focus on Electronics and Defence Manufacturing. The 'Make in India' campaign is being envisaged as a key strand of strategy for Indian economic revival and sustained growth. It promises that a boost in the country's manufacturing capabilities as it embodies the manufacturing led, trade-export-growth model that has to be situated and understood in the context of global production systems.

Indian Manufacturing is expected to touch $1 trillion by 2025 and good support will come for the same will come from the defence offset opportunities that the forecasted spend of Indian defence US$ 250bn will generate over the next decade. The focus on electronics manufacturing will serve as another growth catalyst.

All this is expected to open up some very big opportunities for private sector manufacturing in India. MSME's in the manufacturing sector are  likely to move into a co-developer and co-manufacturer relationship with Indian and International OEM's supplying them raw materials, components, assemblies, sub-assemblies and outsourced services like machining, screw cutting, surface finishing, design, engineering, prototyping, casting etc.

Infinity Expo is organizing India Manufacturing Week from 22-24 February, 2018 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai to create a platform for SME's to supply products and services to OEM's, Tier I and Tier II manufacturers.

The show will have the following key focus elements:

 Aero Def India – a show focusing on connecting Indian SME's with the demand that the Defence manufacturing sector is creating. This will aim to build a partnership between suppliers of specialized raw materials, alloys, composites, mechanical and electrical components, manufacturing services and defence production companies of Indian and international origin.

 India Subcon – an innovative platform for OEM's and large manufacturers to meet and transact business with subcontractors in the manufacturing space providing services like sheet metal work, screw cutting, machining, surface finishing, design, engineering, testing etc.

Smart Manufacturing – the digital revolution is creating an increasingly significant role for advanced technologies in manufacturing. This section will allow players in the field of additive manufacturing, prototyping, simulation, testing, advanced and reverse engineering to showcase their strengths to buyers across levels in the manufacturing sector.

Subcontracting Conference – a two-day subcontracting conference will put a spotlight on the role of outsourcing of manufacturing processes and best practice in strengthening manufacturing supply chain.  

 “The core aim of the exhibition is to promote MSME sectors and brings them to the forefront showcasing their capabilities to a global audience”, says Sukhjinder Singh, CEO, Infinity Expo and adds, 'the event holds importance especially when the government's focus is to empower the SMEs sector which, in effect, drives our economy.”

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