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14 September 2017
Principles of the Manufacturing Of Composite Materials, Second Edition

DEStech Publications Inc. announces the availability of Principles of the Manufacturing of Composite Materials, Second Edition. This textbook, designed for senior undergraduate students and graduate students in Mechanical, Materials, and Process engineering was written by Dr. Suong V. Hoa Ph.D.

This second edition of Professor Hoa’s Principles of the Manufacturing of Composite Materials textbook adds valuable explanations of automated processes for fabricating specialized composites to his step-by-step presentation in the first edition of traditional methods used throughout the composite industry. Emerging automated and semi-automated methods are presented in detail, including out-of-autoclave, thermostamping, and automated fiber placement (AFP).

In addition, novel composites, especially conductive composites for active applications, are more fully described, and special attention is given to design and fabrication with polymer nanocomposites. This second edition keeps and updates helpful teaching elements from the original, such as a clear introduction to the materials science of composites, reasons for what makes composite manufacturing different, step-by step overview of products during processing, practical design details, and exercises based on real-world problems.

A unique feature of this edition is an explanation of the 4D printing technique, which combines additive manufacturing and shape configuration into a unified process. Highlights Include:

  • New edition of key textbook explains automated processing of composites
  • Fundamentals for selecting the right materials and equipment
  • Presents design and testing information
  • 3-D manufacturing plus automatic shape configuration
  • Offers homework problems and instructor materials
  • Chapters Include:
  •  Introduction
  • Matrix Materials
  •  Reinforcements – Fibers
  •  Hand Laminating (or Wet Lay-up) and the Autoclave Processing of Composites
  •  Filament Winding and Fiber Placement
  •  Pultrusion
  •  Liquid Composite Molding
  • Long Fiber Thermoplastic Matrix Composites
  • Automated Composites Manufacturing

Principles of the Manufacturing of Composite Materials, Second Edition, by Suong V. Hoa Ph.D., is published by DEStech Publications, Inc., best known for advanced publications in engineering and science. September 2017, 380 pages, 6x9, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-60595-421-9, Price: $189.50. Student price available.

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