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10 August 2017
Sigmatex announce completion of ‘Ships of the Future’ supply agreement

A four-year supply agreement between Sigmatex and ÖzataShipyard has this month drawn to a successful completion. Ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Özata Shipyard were taskedto build a series of passenger ferries to ease traffic congestion in the city.

The agreement, originally signed in 2013, led to the supply of 300 tonnes ofNCF and UD carbon textilesover the term of the four-year project. The successful delivery of materials saw each of the 15-strong fleet completed in eight months, delivered in 90-day intervals.

The ‘Ships of the Future’ are now recognised as one of the first and most important projects of its kind in the world.Built from carbon fibre they are significantly more environmentally friendly given their longer life expectancy, compared to a steel equivalent, combined with itslighter construction - less fuel is consumed. The ferries were constructed for use as sea transport vehicles and the final ferry in the fleet is anticipated to be commissioned by the final quarter in 2017.

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