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02 August 2017
Dilutec’s gelcoat meets the requirements of shipyards and shipowners

Producing nautical gelcoat requires meeting the specific needs of two clients: shipyard and end user. The shipyard seeks the highest possible index of repeatability, that is, a performance that ensures the industrialization of the process and the waste reduction. End users seek a combination between resistance – both mechanical and chemical – and beauty. Dilutec, one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of gelcoat, has been managed to meet both requirements with Colorgel® Marine, a product based on a renowned international technology that the company has been manufacturing in Brazil since 2012. 

This positive performance is based first and foremost on the product’s excellent coverage power. That is, how much gelcoat is in the mold, rather than in the atmosphere. “The resin used in the production of Colorgel® Marine has high compatibility with styrene, which implies a lower presence of this volatile organic compound in the formulation. Therefore, its total emission level is 6.7%, compared to 13.6% of traditional gelcoats,” said Marcos Brambilla, technical manager of Dilutec.

Thus, the shipyard using Colorgel® Marine achieves an efficiency rate in the transfer to the mold of more than 90%, which drops to less than 80% when compared to a regular gelcoat. “Colorgel® Marine also draws attention because of its excellent fluidity and high thixotropic content, which prevents run-off during application on vertical surfaces.”

For the final customer, according to Brambilla, the most important factor is the resistance to yellowing achieved in the accelerated weathering test (QUV). “After 1000 hours, Colorgel® Marine indicates a yellowing rate about 50% lower compared to the conventional product, while its gloss retention index is 75%, compared to 60% of regular gelcoats.” Brambilla also points out that all the pigments used in Colorgel® Marine – Dilutec can formulate any color the shipyard needs – are free of heavy metals and ensure high resistance to UV rays and weathering. 

A word from the shipyard

 While maintaining a factory in Angra dos Reis (Rio de Janeiro), the French shipyard Benetau relied on the work of Tiago Mance, then head of lamination. Ready to return to France, where he will continue to work in the same company, Mance said that the experience with Colorgel® Marine was very positive. “We had very specific parameters in terms of viscosity and flow, as well as in relation to the product’s behavior during the application with the gelcoat machine, and all of them were fully met by Dilutec’s gelcoat,” he said.

With the success of the initial application, Benetau started requesting further developments to Dilutec, such as new gelcoat colors and formulations for touch-ups. “The results were also totally satisfactory.”

Besides making gelcoat, Dilutec is the distributor of BÜFAtec Spain equipment in Latin America, and the official distributor of Ashland resins in the Mid-West region of Brazil. 

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